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Math Illuminated


MI Original Course

Early Start! Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving for Elementary School Students (grades K – 5)

Empowering students with knowledge and confidence to excel in mathematics

Math Illuminated (MI) is a highly individualized, structured and results-oriented program that takes into account the learning style of each student. We meet all students where there are skills wise and help them progress and succeed in mathematics.

Results of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) showed that American students perform at a level below the international level. Experts in recognize, that “America’s students are now competing with children around the globe for jobs and opportunities after graduation,” and that their education in the fields of mathematics, science and technology determines their competitiveness.

The goal of teaching mathematics at MI is to provide each student with a solid foundation for success in school math classes, SATs, college math, and future academic and professional career.

Math Illuminated combines the best teaching methodologies of successful math programs from Russia, China, Singapore, Italy and U.S.A.